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1. Synth-to-synth communication letters
5. Late-night clothing, for short
8. Surgery reminders
13. ___ break (drum sample that's foundational to jungle and drum and bass)
14. Grain in vegan milk
15. Frozen fruit dessert
16. Chicago DJ who revolutionized house music in the 1980s (and the start of a lineage that leads to 61-Across)
18. "Tada!"
19. Production/remix duo whose 1990s work such as "Deep Inside" and "The Ha Dance" defined house and ballroom music (and a continuation of the lineage)
21. ___ disco (European house predecessor)
23. "All About ___ Love" (Sade song)
24. Be deceitful
25. "Watch it!"
28. Showed good manners
31. ___ it up (laugh)
32. Emcee's need
34. Lamb's moms
35. French house producer who was part of Stardust, and in the 2000s wrote filter house anthems such as "Intro" (and a continuation of the lineage)
39. Superfood seed that grows on some "pets"
41. VHS successor
42. Disco ___
45. Reinforced hole seen on work boots and tarps
48. Sleep it off after a long night out
51. Slithery fish
52. Place to park cars, say
54. Flying solo
55. Producer of the 2010s whose track "What They Say" was sampled for Nicki Minaj's "Truffle Butter" (and a continuation of the lineage)
60. "This party is going off!"
61. House supergroup duo of the 2020s who've collaborated with Dua Lipa, Ellie Goulding, and Desiigner
64. Need for vinyl DJing, but not digital DJing
65. Tiny amount
66. Massive book
67. Flawless
68. "We need help, now!"
69. Sound at a hair salon
1. Scratch up
2. "if u ask me"
3. Copenhagen's country
4. Fill your lungs
5. Place to put a USB stick
6. Precious green stone
7. Prefix with foam
8. Alphabetize, perhaps, as a record collection
9. Staff on a ship
10. Clear from blame
11. Has another go at
12. Totally psyched
15. Word before room or tire
17. Starting from
20. Big speaker at a festival, for short
21. Like frozen roads
22. Greek T
26. She played Mia in "Pulp Fiction"
27. ___-Manuel Miranda
29. Put a spell on
30. Leave amazed
33. Medicinal compound found in marijuana
35. Intention
36. On the ___ (fleeing)
37. Airstreams, e.g.
38. Big commotion
39. Wrote some music, say
40. Vatican government
42. Slow loss of land?
43. Flee
44. Chimp or gorilla
45. Astrologically-named company that makes mixers and other DJ gear
46. Send to ecstasy
47. Heavy weight
49. Pitcher's goof
50. Puts into political office
53. Just what the doctor ordered?
56. Alan of "M*A*S*H"
57. Jack's partner
58. Farewell, in Florence
59. Elderly people, slangily
62. "Didn't need to know that..."
63. "For sure"
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